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RareCi, a fashion home furnishing brand under Xiamen Xici Technology Co., Ltd., focuses on the R&D and production of creative kitchen and home furnishing products. Founded in 2008, RareCi consists "Rare" in English and "Ci" in Chinese pinyin (means "Ceramic") ,Combines Chinese techniques into English elegance to endow the home with a better artistic conception.

Years of market exploration and deep cultivation of the industry have made RareCi's works elegant and fashionable, integrating creativity and practicality. At the same time, our company also provides personalized services such as OEM, ODM processing, and sample customization.

Sample customization

Provide your product ideas/models, and we will generate and manufacture them


All our products support ODM


We have a number of assembly lines and production equipments to meet production needs

  • Xiamen Xici Technology Co., Ltd.,Xiamen, Fujian, China